Most of people who have gained their working experience in Canada on a temporary work permit have eligibility to qualify for a permanent residence in Canada using Canadian Experience Class program. If you have worked in Canada on an open or closed work permit, post-graduate or student work permit, you have proven to English or French knowledge – you are able to become a part of Canadian society on a full basis. If you are acceptable for CEC, you become a permanent resident of Canada, which indicates that you can live in Canada indefinitely and subsequently become Canadian citizen.


In order to embark on Canadian Experience Class program, you need to have all the information regarding this procedure. VISAPP Immigration will provide you with most accurate advice and determine your eligibility to be a permanent resident of Canada. Our professional consultants provide assistance on the following matters:

  • Decide if you are eligible to apply for CEC
  • Liability of your success for a particular case
  • Make sure your forms are fulfilled and correctly reflect the details of your case
  • Ensure that you have all the required documents for your application
  • Guide you with the best way to submit your application to the government for your circumstances
  • Advise you on the privileges a Canadian Express Class affords you
  • Offer excellent service for exceptionally urgent cases
  • Conclude the best way to follow the procedure once your case is successful (applying for permanent residence, renewing the visitor visa, re-application if needed, etc.)


In order to apply for Canadian Experience Class Immigration you must meet certain requirements. You are obliged to demonstrate that you:

  • lived in Canada throughout the time your work permit or study permit was credible
  • got at least 12 months of full-time or same part-time work experience in an eligible area
  • got this work experience within 3 years prior to your Canadian Experience Class application was accepted by Citizenship and Immigration Canada CIC)
  • have the requested level of English or French language ability
  • have not worked in Canada illegally or without a valid work permit
  • have not stayed in Canada illegally or without any permission
  • are not inappropriate to Canada due to criminal records or health issues.

You must be able to present that you meet these requirements through providing the relevant documentation. All the details on documentation may be received from our consultants at VISAPP Immigration.

So, if you looking forward to prolong your stay in Canada and eventually become its citizen – apply for Canadian Express Class and make it real. VISAPP Immigration will guide you through the entire process of your application.

Do you have a questions about Canadian Experience Class?

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