Canada is proud to have one of the most hospitable family reunion programs in the world. Canadian government is devoted to keeping families together whenever it is real and prioritizes the processing of Canada family sponsorship applications. It is a unique opportunity to gather your family members and maintain close relationship. You can sponsor immigration of your family members if you are Canadian citizen, Permanent resident and at least 18 years old. You will get more information on all the specifications of this procedure from our certified consultants who aim to make the process of application smooth and cost effective.


Once you have concluded to sponsor your relatives to come to Canada as a permanent resident, you are obliged to:

  • have ability to meet basic necessities: food supply, clothes, and shelter – both for yourself and for your family members
  • provide your relatives with financial support upon their arrival
  • ensure that your spouse or relative does not require financial support from the government


You need to be eligible to sponsor your relatives who are going to immigrate to Canada. If you are sponsoring your relatives under Family class, both of you must meet basic requirements. Your relatives are required to have medical, criminal and background checks. If they happen to have criminal record or potential insecurity towards Canadian government – they will not be permitted to enter the country. Police certificate may be requested in this case.


You can sponsor immigration of your family members if you are Canadian citizen, Permanent resident and at least 18 years old. However, there are circumstances when you may not be able to sponsor your relative. If you:

  • sponsored another relative previously and did not meet the terms of the sponsorship agreement
  • are in default of alimony or child support payments
  • got government financial support for reasons other than being disabled
  • were accused of a violent crime, any offence against a relative or any sexual humiliation
  • did not pay back an immigration loan, made late payments or missed payments
  • are sentenced
  • have declared bankruptcy and have not been released from it yet.

Note that if you are eager to sponsor your eligible relatives, you must reside in Canada. Your relative must promise to sustain themselves financially. Dependent children under age 19 are not required to sign this agreement.

Regarding your circumstances, there are two variants for who you can sponsor such as orphaned close relatives and other relatives. Our consultants will provide you with all additional information of the processing of Family Sponsor Canada and help you conclude your eligibility for sponsorship making your family reunification unforgettable and long-lasting.