Applicants who for some reasons have not been eligible to become a permanent resident of Canada have a splendid opportunity to do so on Humanitarian and Compassionate Grounds (H&C). H&C is referred to people with exceptional cases. Various factors are taken into account while considering your admission for Humanitarian Immigration Canada. VISAPP Immigration will guide you through the processing time and help you conclude your status so that you are able to apply for permanent residence in our country.


Immigrants who apply for Humanitarian Immigration Canada are evaluated on case-by-case basis. The following factors are normally taken into account:

  • Your establishment in Canada
  • General family connection to Canada
  • Health considerations
  • The best interests for any children involved
  • Domestic violence considerations
  • What might happen to the applicant in case the request is denied


Recently Canadian law has limited the number of people who may apply on Humanitarian Grounds. The following factors are normally viewed at:

  • H&C will not be viewed if you apply for temporary residence in Canada. You may only apply on H&C for permanent living status
  • You cannot have more than one H&C application at a time
  • Such risk factors as persecution, life risk, violent and unordinary treatment will not be assessed by H&C decision makers
  • You cannot apply for H&C if you have a pending refugee claim. To do so, you are required to withdraw your claim before Immigration and Refugee Board Canada (IRB) hearing
  • If you had a negative decision from IRB you cannot apply for H&C either. This condition is called “one year bar” and it is not applied if:
  • you have children under 18 who would be adversely affected if you were removed from Canada, or
  • you have proof that you or one of your dependants suffers from a life-threatening medical condition that cannot be treated in your home country. 


To become an applicant for Humanitarian Immigration Canada it is necessary to have all the relevant documentations. You may get acquainted with the document checklist from our VISAPP Immigration consultants. It is also worth to note that you must enclose all the required documents to make your application valid and admissible, in other case it may be returned to you, making delays in future applications.

Once it has been concluded that an applicant is eligible for application evaluation, the H&C application is processed in two stages:

  • A humanitarian and compassionate  evaluation of the requested exemptions (Stage 1)
  • Final decision on the permanent residence application (Stage 2).

In order to get more information of Humanitarian and Complassionate Grounds, consult VISAPP Immiration and we will guarantee to facilitate the processing of your application for permanent residence in Canada.