Family Class (FC) immigrants are individuals sponsored to come to, or stay in Canada by a relative who is currently Canadian citizen or its permanent resident. An applicant, as a sponsor, must meet certain requirements to be eligible for Canada Immigration Sponsorship as well as the people who he or she is going to sponsor.


If you are Canadian citizen or permanent resident of Canada you can apply for Immigration Canada Sponsorship and sponsor certain relatives to become permanent residents under the Family Class (FC). Your relatives will be eligible to live, study and work in Canada if they become its permanent residents. In order to do so, you must sustain yourself and your relative with all the necessities. You are responsible for your relative financially when they arrive in Canada. As a sponsor, you must make sure that upon arrival your relatives will not require any help from the government.


Immigration Sponsorship Canada allows you to sponsor your parents or grandparents to reside in Canada permanently. However, to have eligibility for this type of permit, you and your parents or grandparents must be aware of the following:

  • You and your relatives must sign a sponsorship agreement which proves your obligation to support the financially if it is needed. This document also states that an individual who becomes a permanent resident of Canada will make efforts to support themselves.
  • You must promise to provide your relatives and their eligible dependants with financial support for a period of three to ten years, taking into account their age and your relationships with them.
  • In order to be a sponsor for you relatives you must reside in Canada


Canada Immigration Sponsorship also permits you to sponsor your spouse, partner or children. They are not required to live in Canada to have sponsorship. If they live in Canada, the do not need legal status to have sponsorship. However, they must:

  • Medical, criminal, and background check
  • Provide police certificate, if it is needed

If they have criminal records or potential threat to the security, they will be granted as illegible and will not enter Canada.


You may be granted as illegible to apply for Immigration Canada Sponsorship due to the following factors:

  • Failed to provide your relatives financially according to the signed agreement
  • Defaulted on a court-support order, e.g. child support or alimony
  • Received governmental help for reasons other than disability
  • Were convicted of a violent criminal offence against your relative
  • Defaulted on an immigration loan – late or missed payments
  • Imprisoned and have not been released yet
  • Declared bankruptcy

Sponsorship is a big commitment and responsibility. Therefore, VISAPP Immigration advices you to consider all the essential factors before applying form Canada Immigration Sponsorship.