Many families in Canada hire foreign caregivers. Caregivers are people who are qualified to take care after children, the elderly, or people with disabilities in private household without supervision. Live-in caregivers must work at private home where they reside in Canada. So, if you are keen on working in Canada as a nanny and experience an uplifting standard of living, live-in caregiver program Ontario is just made for you.


There are certain responsibilities a professional caregiver must follow:

  • Full responsibility for household at time the parents are absent
  • Maintain a healthy and safe environment at home
  • Supervise and provide care for the children
  • Tend to emotional behavior of children
  • Instruct about personal hygiene and social development
  • Prepare and serve nutritious meals
  • Perform light housekeeping and cleaning duties etc


In order to be eligible for live in caregiver program Ontario and subsequently become a live in caregiver permanent resident, you are required to meet the requirements set by Citizen and Immigration Canada (CIC):

  • A positive Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA) from your employer in Canada

(This requirement helps to grant the job offer as acceptable and sets the conditions of provincial labor and employment standards)

  • A successful completion of the equivalent of Canadian high-school education

(This requirement will help you to ensure that you are be able to succeed in labor market if you apply for permanent residence after two years as a live-in caregiver)

  • Possess at least six months of full-time training or at least one year of full time paid working experience as a caregiver or in similar areas or occupations
  • (Other fields may include childhood education, geriatric care, pediatric nursing, or first aid. This working experience must have been obtained three years prior to your application for a live-in program)
  • Good knowledge of English of French

(You must be able to possess a relevant level of language that allows you to function individually in a home environment, e.g. contact emergency service, communicate with someone outside home etc)

  • A written employment contract between you and your prospective employee

(This requirement defines you job responsibilities, working hours, salary and benefits. It also helps to build a fair, legal and acceptable working environment for an employer and an employee)

There are also additional requirements for applicants which include references from previous employees, copies of training certificates, educational certificates etc. The complete list of the above mentioned documents you will receive from our consultants at VISAPP Immigration.

So, if you seeking opportunity to work in Canada on a permanent basis – apply for live in caregiver program, become a permanent resident and get a rewarding work experience! Contact our consultants for any further information.