Canadian citizens or its permanent residents can sponsor their loved ones to reside in Canada on a permanent basis through Family Class (FC) program. Spousal Immigration Canada is an ideal opportunity to have you spouse or partner nearby and pursue a happy wellbeing in together. In order to do so, you and a person you are eager to sponsor must meet certain criteria for eligibility.


Spousal Immigration Canada implies sponsoring a spouse, a common-law partner or dependent children. They are the following:

  • You may sponsor a spouse (legally valid civil marriage of the opposite or same sex)
  • Common-law, or conjugal partner (a person of the opposite or same sex who you are in relation with and live together for at least one year period)
  • Dependent children (the children of the applicant and the person he sponsors)


You may have eligibility to sponsor a spouse, a common-law, conjugal partner or dependent children who inhabit outside Canada if:

  • People you want sponsor fall under Family Class group (in other case you cannot have sponsorship)
  • You are not under 18 years old
  • You are Canadian citizen or its permanent resident
  • You currently reside in Canada and go on living in Canada after the sponsored person gets permanent resident status
  • You and your spouse or common-law partner sign an agreement informing about your obligations before each other
  • You sign an agreement committing you to providing basic necessities of your spouse, common-law, or dependent children
  • Demonstrate that you have a sufficient income to sustain the people you sponsor. In order to do this you will be required to illustrate documents about your financial condition for the last 12 months.


In order to know how to sponsor spouse to Canada it is necessary to be aware of which people fall into the category of a Family Class (FC). They are:

  • Sponsor’s spouse
  • Common-law partner or conjugal partner
  • Dependent child of the sponsor
  • The sponsor’s mother or father
  • A person the sponsor intends to adopt
  • Other relatives defined by regulations


The process of Immigration Canada Spousal Sponsorship contains three conditions:

  • You apply to sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, or dependent children who accompany them
  • Your spouse or common-law partner, in their turn, apply for permanent residence in Canada
  • The person who you are planning to sponsor must fill out the forms specific to the region where they live

All the application forms will be accessible to you as soon as you contact our consultants for assistance.

So, if you want to pursue your life with your loved ones – Spousal Immigration Canada is what you are looking for. VISAPP Immigration will help you decide your eligibility and provide details on the processing of your application.