Students who are currently living in Canada on Study Permit can change their visa status due to certain conditions. The most frequent reason to do so is changing a place of studying. Subsequently, they need either renew their permit in Canada or have additional time to finish their studies. To do this they can apply for Study Permit Extension.


Once you have decided to extend your stay in Canada as a student, you must fill out the Application to Change Conditions or Extend your Stay in Canada. It is necessary that you verify the date of expiry on your study permit and ensure you make your application before this time. You are obliged to apply for study permit renewal at minimum 30 day prior to your current study permit expiry.

It is significant to know that students who are below 17 years old and studying in Canada without parents or legal guardian are required to complete and include the Custodianship declaration (IMM 5646) together with their study permit application. Contact our consultants for more information about this point.


You must submit an application for a new study permit to the Case Processing Centre prior to your initial status expiry. You also have eligibility to make application for study permit renewal online.

Note that if your study permit reached expiry you must leave Canada. On some occasions you must extend your stay. Nevertheless, you cannot prolong your studies until the official permits you to continue your stay.


If you want to have study permit extension there are two ways how you can do it:

  • Apply online
  • Paper application

To apply online, you must have an access to a scanner or camera in order to create e-copies of your documentation for uploading and have a valid credit card to make a payment.

If you decide to use a paper application you need to complete the application guide and all the required forms (our consultants will provide you with more detailed information as soon as you contact them).

If you apply for study permit renewal, and your permit reaches expiry before you receive an answer, you can pursue your studies in Canada under the same condition until you receive a conclusion.

You must apply for renewing study permit if you have intention to travel outside Canada and you permit will expire while you are travelling.

You cannot have study permit extension beyond the expiry date on your ID

If your study permit status is expired, you have not applied for its extension you must leave the country.

For more detailed information on application process and necessary documentation please contact our office whenever it is suitable or you.