A Visit Visa Canada

Every year Canada welcomes up to 35 million people who are coming to the country to enjoy their stay. They, however, must follow certain rules to make their visit lawful.

Any person who is not considered a citizen of Canada is obliged to have a permit to visit the country. People who are going to visit Canada even for a short term or for transit purpose are required to get Visiting Visa to Canada.

If you belong to this group of travelers, you must apply for visa before your arrival in Canada, in other case you will not be allowed to enter the country. The visa is not given upon arrival.

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Apply For Vistor Visa Canada

If the purpose of your travelling is holiday, visiting relatives, business or any other reasons, you must apply for TRV (Temporary Resident Visa). This document indicates that you are eligible to be a temporary resident of Canada as a visitor, student, or worker.

In case of criminal record or other issues that don’t allow entering the country, it is required to apply for Visiting Visa Canada.

It is worth to know that even if you have been given Visit Visa Canada your entry to the country is concluded by the official at the port of entry.

In order to have Visiting Visa Canada you need to have all the information regarding the procedure. VISAPP Immigration will provide you with most accurate advice and determine your eligibility to be a temporary resident of Canada. Our professional consultants provide assistance on the following matters:

  • Determine if you are eligible to apply for visa
  • Liability of your success for a particular case
  • Make sure your forms are fulfilled and correctly reflect the details of your case
  • Ensure that you have all the required documents for your application
  • Guide you with the best way to submit your application to the government for your circumstances
  • Advise you on the privileges a Temporary Residence Visa affords you
  • Offer excellent service for exceptionally urgent cases
  • Determine the best way to follow the procedure once your case is successful (applying for permanent residence, renewing the visitor visa, re-application if needed, etc.)

Processing Time Of Visit Visa To Canada

If your application for Visit Visa to Canada is not submitted within the country, the processing time will depend on the location of the office where you submit your application. On average processing time can take between 3 to 140 days. Most visa offices process the application up to one month period. If the application was submitted within Canada, the process can take between 2-3 months.

So, if you are eager to enjoy your stay in Canada, contact VISAPP Immigration for further consultation. With our professional approach you are guaranteed to make your stay in Canada eligible and worth remembering.

Do you need Visitor Visa Extension?

If you want to prolong your stay in Canada, you must apply for Visitor Visa Extension Canada. More detail : www.visapp.ca/visitor-visa-extension

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